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Feel free to kidnap me Japan!

So, we, meaning Mick, Jack, myself and Judy ( often referred to as the third person in our marriage!) are off to explore some more of Japan and spend a week skiing. I use the term skiing loosely, as Jack taught us on his first ever skiing trip in June, that he can, in fact, ski. In fact, he can ski very well. Mick and I, well let’s just say the physio and chiro costs for Mick since June have been excessive to say the least. With anti inflammatory medication and our large tube of Voltaren Emulgel, we think we can do it again!

This time we are exploring the southern most island of Kyushu, where we hope the weather will be a few degrees warmer than zero. We travel to Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Osaka, Kurashiki, Kobe ( to eat! ), Kanazawa, Hakuba then Tokyo. Judy and I have spent many hours on the telephone together to finish our excel spreadsheet of our daily activities and exploration! As usual, our holiday itinerary will be a complete daily surprise for the boys! Other than skiing, and visiting Osaka and Tokyo, they’re both pretty much flying in the dark! I must say, I love holidays, excel spreadsheets and details. Multiply that by two ( adding Judy) means we are taking off on this trip with military precision and plans to cover a lot in our three weeks!

I’m looking forward to immersing myself and our family into, what is probably the worlds most gentle, polite and mind blowing culture. The food ( omg! I can already taste the succulent bowls of steaming hot ramen!) the culture ( last time Jack decided he wanted to follow Shintoism Or become a Buddhist- we gently suggested NOT telling his Catholic school of his new found beliefs!) the history, and the language.

I have been polishing up on my Japanese language which definitely led us to have some amazing conversations at Izakaya last time!

Packing has been easier than for summer, thermals, jumpers, jeans and jackets with some underwear and socks. We’ve got our snow boots for walking, and Mick was less than delighted when in 36 degree heat, I donned thermal Sox and my boots the other week in Fremantle, to wear them in!

So get ready to sit back with a cold one and join us on our first big adventure for 2020! We depart on 11th.......the same day Judy and I return to Fremantle from our 5 day cruise!

sayonara for now!

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